Ablaze Builders now duly licensed

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Ablaze Builders, Inc. is now duly licensed by the Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board (PCAB) as required by the provisions of RA 4566 (the Contractors’ License Law). PCA Metropolitan congratulates Ablaze Builders on taking this step to fully comply with the law.

According to Ablaze Builders it was, like many other professionals, under the mistaken impression that it was not required to license and that contractors’ licensing was only applicable to contractors who undertook Government Projects. When it realized that its understanding was wrong and that it had to be in possession of a valid PCAB license in order to engage in construction contracting in the country, it immediately took steps to apply for a license.

RA 4566 provides that all contractors, irrespective of nationality, shall first secure a license from PCAB before engaging in the business of construction contracting in the country. This applies to all contractors irrespective of whether they engage in public or private sector contracting. It is only when a contractor has a gross annual turnover of less than Php25,000 from construction contracting or a contract of less than Php10,000 (subject to the annual ceiling of Php25,000) that a contractor is exempt from securing a license. In order to partake in government projects/bidding, additional registration over and above the PCAB license, is required. This Registration is governed by RA 9184 (Government Procurement Reform Act) and its Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR).

These laws and regulations and the required license forms may be downloaded from the PCA Metropolitan website. For any questions regarding contractors licensing you may consult the searchable Knowledgebase in the PCA Metropolitan Public Assistance Help Desk, open a support ticket in the Help Desk or partake in the PCA Metropolitan PCAB License Forum.

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