April AMO Seminar Schedule (2014)

PCAB has announced the April AMO Seminar Schedule (2014). One AMO seminar is slated for April 24-25 2014 in Quezon City and hosted by the National Constructors Association of the Philippines (NACAP). The details (including the NACAP contact details) are included in the PCA Metro Calendar at http://pcametro.ph/calendar/.

The venue details of the 24-25 April AMO seminar is not known at present other than that it is to be held in Quezon City. NACAP must be contacted directly for more information and their further particulars, including contact details, are contained in the PCA Metro Calendar. The calendar is accessible by clicking on the Calendar links on the PCA Metro homepage or via the menus. The direct link is http://pcametro.ph/calendar/. Please contact the hosting organization direct as PCA Metro has no further details.

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