CFY 2012-2013 PCAB list of licensed contractors published

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The list of licensed contractors for the Construction financial Year (CFY) 2012-2013 has been published. This list comprises of all contractors who have renewed their licenses as of 9 November 2012.

This list is published by PCA Metro as duly appointed publisher of the PCAB list and is available for download from our Home Page, PCAB Page as well as the newly created “Home Page for the Construction Industry”. The list is published for public information in order that members of the public, contractors, project managers, project owners, developers, architects, engineers, government officials and others may ascertain whether the contractor they are dealing with, the contractor participating in a bidding, whether for private or government project, the contractor offering construction services, etc. is licensed or not.

This list is not published to allow individuals or companies to exploit the information contained therein for personal gain through marketing and related activities. By virtue of the provisions of RA 8293 the commercial use (or use for gain) is strictly prohibited unless the express consent of the relevant government department, unit or agency is first obtained. The use of this list to compile mailing lists for the sending of unsolicited mail (electronic or otherwise) is also strictly prohibited. The same apples to using telephone numbers contained in this list for marketing purposes.Such actions are also a violation of the Right to Privacy of the individuals or contractor entities whose names appear in the said list.

Details of the foregoing and further conditions are contained in

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