PCAB License Required Training – Renewal and New

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Completion of the two day AMO seminar and 40 hour Construction Safety & Health Course (C.O.S.H.) is a requirement for PCAB license renewal as also for any new license application. At present the AMO seminar and COSH course are one-time requirements and, provided that the appropriate parties have previously completed same, need not be retaken.

Filing of renewal applications will not be accepted without compliance with the above conditions.

  1. For AMO Seminars, the Authorized Managing Officer (AMO) must personally attend and complete the seminar. PCAB requires 75% attendance of the course by the AMO and failing which, attendance will not be credited.
  2. For the 40 hour Safety and Health Seminar (CoSH) for Site Safety Officers, PCAB (Board Resolution 518 series of 2011) requires, in the case of corporations and partnerships, that either the AMO, a senior management officer (President, Vice President, Director, etc.) or senior technical officer (STE holding a position of not less than project manager and with a minimum of 5 years experience) must successfully undergo the course. In the case of sole proprietorships, it is required that the sole proprietor must personally undergo the course.
  3. Effective Contracting Fiscal Year (CFY) 2014-2015 every contractor shall have at least one Sustaining Technical Employee (STE) who has undergone the 40 hour Construction Occupational Safety and Health (COSH) Course for Site Safety Officers as a condition for license renewal or New License Application. For more details in respect of this (additional) requirement please see the following article: http://pcametro.ph/blog/cosh-requirement-stes/
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  1. says

    hello sir/madam:
    tanong ko lang po kung magkano magagastos sa paglalakad ng PCAB at gaano katagal po itong lalakarin? Salamat po.

    -Sandee Paule

  2. miguelito i. cruz says

    what forms are we going to use if we change our license from single proprietor to corporation?

  3. Mae says

    May I ask if how much is the application fee for new application/applicant? Classification is SP-EE (Electrical Work) under Specialty. Category is AAA and AA. So may I know how much for AAA and how much for AA.

    Thank you..

  4. admin says

    You mat report this via the PCA Metro “Report an Unlicensed Contractor Campaign” at http://pcametro.ph/pcab/report/, report it to PCAB (the PCAB contact details are at http://pcametro.ph/contactpcab/ or file a complaint with the applicable DTI Region. As a first step we would suggest that you file a report via the PCA Metro Report an Unlicensed Contractor Campaign and provide full and complete details of the contractor and contract. PCA Metro can then advise as to the next step.

  5. Diana Badilla says

    What if i know of a person who is a civil engineer who has a contract amounting to more than 100M who has no PCAB license. How do we report such an illegal act?

  6. admin says

    The schedule of AMO seminars are posted at multiple locations in our site. However, you can visit our Calendar at http://pcametro.ph/calendar/ for the schedule for this year. Please be reminded that you must contact the Association hosting the specific seminar for any more details. Just click on the relevant event entry in our calendar and the contact details of the hosting association will pop up.

  7. Mae says

    Thank you for your reply Admin.
    May I ask where is the location of the AMO seminar? And what is the scheduled time?

  8. Mae says

    Hello Admin,

    My concern is regarding AMO Seminars. Kindly answer the questions below. Please we really need the information:

    1) How many hours and days is the AMO Seminars?
    2) What is the seminar all about?
    3) Why is this really necessary, aside from this is one of the requirements?

    Hope to receive feedback please…

    Thank you!

  9. admin says

    After filing acceptance by PCAB and upfront payment of license fees, the processing time is 30 days. However, during the annual renewal period of licenses (June), new license applications take longer to process due to the great volume of renewal applications.

  10. Renato L.Dela Cruz says

    Hi Sir / Madam,

    After we finish COSH Training and complying all requirements needed for the new license how many months we wait for the releasing of our new license?

    Renato L.Dela Cruz

  11. admin says

    PCA Metropolitan supports its public sector partner, CMDF (Construction Manpower Development Foundation of CIAP-DTI), for the COSH course and its course schedule is contained in the PCA Metropolitan Calendar at http://pcametro.ph/calendar/. There are many other DOLE accredited Safety Training Organizations and you should be able to get details of their schedules by searching online. Please note that other than for the information contained in our Calendar we cannot assist further and you must contact the organizers of the course directly.

  12. Lerida A. Villalon says


  13. Cielito Raneses says

    Hi! Do you have the list of providers who can conduct 40 hour Safety and Health Seminar (CoSH)? Please share.

  14. admin says

    Please visit our Public Assistance Help Desk at http://pcametro.ph/hesk/ and study the searchable Knowledgebase. You will find most, if not all, the answers there. Should you then require any specific clarification you are welcome to open a support ticket from within the Help Desk and we will gladly assist you.
    As to the cost of the AMO seminar, it depends on the hosting organization and they must be directly contacted in that regard. The contact details of the individual hosting organizations are contained in the individual event entries in our Calendar at http://pcametro.ph/calendar/.

  15. Divino Seer P. Valle says

    We wanted to be a legitimate general services contractor and will comply the PCAB accreditation/license as an entry level or under category E.
    May we know what else we need to do aside from attending the 2 day seminar? May wr also know any rate / fees for the 2 day seminar?


  16. admin says

    Please see the first paragraph of the article you are commenting on and in specific where it states “At present the AMO seminar and COSH course are one-time requirements and, provided that the appropriate parties have previously completed same, need not be retaken”. We trust this answers your question.

  17. admin says

    Please see our article at http://pcametro.ph/blog/cosh-requirement-stes/. It is a renewal requirement for CFY 2014-2015 and there are no exemptions (other than where the AMO or proprietor is also STE). This is a measure to instill a culture of safety among contractors and is the first step towards a requirement that all STEs undergo the COSH course. See our article in that regard at http://pcametro.ph/blog/contractors-not-ready-for-afta/. Category AAA contractors will also be required starting CFY 2015-2016 to employ a DOLE accredited Safety Practitioner.

  18. Cecile Esguerra says

    There is a new PCAB Board Resolution requiring at least one STE to attend the COSH…..will this be a requirement for renewal of license for 2014 – 2015? Can a company be exempted from this if we only have 1 STE who is part owner of the firm but not the AMO?

  19. admin says

    If you were licensed up to 30 June 2011, your license has been delisted with finality and you must apply for for a new license. if however, you were licensed up to 30 June 2012 you may still apply for license restoration before 30 June 2014. The relevant provisions in the IRR under RA 4566 is as follow:

    Sec. 6.9 Late License Renewal and License Lapsing
    A License renewal application filed after the 30th of June renewal deadline but within the fiscal year applied for, is a late renewal. As such, it shall be subject to a surcharge prescribed in Sec. 9.1(e) hereof. Additionally, if the applicant was engaged in any construction contracting activity after the License renewal deadline, he shall be disciplinary action as provided in Sec. 11.1 hereof, for operating with an expired License. A License for which no renewal was applied for one whole fiscal year immediately following its expiry, shall be deemed lapsed and shall be cancelled by the Board, without prejudice to the Board’s taking any disciplinary action against the Licensee for practicing construction contracting without a valid License, if he was engaged in any such activity after License expiry

    Sec. 13.2 License Restoration A constructor whose License was cancelled due to lapsing, as defined in Sec. 6.9 hereof, or invalidated or revoked or denied renewal due to his loss of any of the required licensing qualifications, as stipulated in Sec. 4.1 hereof, shall be allowed to apply for restoration of License, it:
    a) He is seeking License restoration for the first time;
    b) The application therefor is filed within twelve (12) months after License invalidation or revocation or renewal denial, whichever is the case; and
    c) There is no pending Board action against him nor any impediment to his License restoration.
    If otherwise, he shall be allowed to apply only for re-licensing.

  20. Nepomuceno G. Latoza says

    I cannot renew my pcab license for 2 years (2011-2012 and 2012-2013) and i want to renew it this year..i attend COSH and STE seminar last September 2012 and October 2012 respectively..may i know the requirements to renew it again.

  21. admin says

    It is required for the sole proprietor personally. At this stage STE are not as yet required but will be in the foreseeable future.

  22. admin says

    The sole and exclusive record of AMO Seminar attendance (meeting the PCAB attendance criteria) is the PCAB Database of AMO seminar Attendees. Some Associations do not issue Certificates of Attendance as they feel that they are not qualified to do so as it is only PCAB that can effectively issue such a document. PCAB does not issue Certificates of attendance as its database of AMO seminar attendees which it publishes from time to time in the DTI website is the official record of attendees who has met its criteria. This database is also published in the PCA Metro website. Better than any Certificate of Attendance is the Construction Competency Registry Card issued by CIAP after application coursed through CMDF. This Card is treated as the AMO ID and constitutes verifiable Official Proof of Attendance. See the following article. http://pcametro.ph/blog/amo-id-available-from-ciap/

  23. Froilan S. Tanzo says

    Hi Sir/Maam,

    I have undergone the AMO seminar last December 2010 but i haven’t got my certificate. Where can i get it?

  24. admin says

    If you underwent the COSH course (or BOSH course with construction safety modules) and satisfy the PCAB criteria there is no need to take the course again. The COSH course, at this stage, is a one-time requirement. This may change in the future with refresher requirements.

  25. maritess m llapitan says

    HI sir/mam

    If you underwent safety training before do you still have to undergo the 40h training?

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