The Quezon City Department of the Building Official (DBO) has requested PCA Metropolitan, the National Capital Region Chapter of the Philippine Constructors Association (PCA), to assist it in the dissemination of information in relation to Building Permit applications, its requirements and procedures in the City. In order to achieve this, this area aims to:

  1. Make available all Forms for download on line;
  2. Create a library of applicable legislation and issuances available for download;
  3. Develop a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Section to address questions the public may have regarding Building permits;
  4. Create an interactive Discussion Forum; and
  5. Provide updates in respect of Building Permit related issues and its Regulations

Applying for construction permits in Quezon City was cited by the International Finance Corporation (ITC) as a model for other Philippine local governments. It takes only 14 steps to apply for a building permit up to the time that one obtains an occupancy permit. Duplication in voluminous documentation requirements has also been reduced with the use of the same documents by the Zoning Official and the Building Official.