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Eton accident MakatiConstruction Safety and Health is one of the cornerstones of a professionalized construction industry. DOLE Department Order No. 13 sets the basis for the duties and obligations of all contractors towards construction site safety as well as safety education required for the construction industry professionals and labor force. In these pages PCA Metro will provide links to relevant content including Legislation and Departmental Issuances forming the basis of site safety requirements. This portal is intended to become an information super-highway for the advancement of site safety practices and an accident free industry.

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In order that construction sites may become safe workplaces, it is necessary that a culture of safety first be instilled among contractors. Through this portal the efforts made in this regard will be highlighted.

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This portal has a Public Assistance Helpdesk, a FAQ section as well as a Forum to provide guidance and invite interaction in order to explain safety requirements and measures.

Construction Safety in the Philippines
PCA Metropolitan, in cooperation with CMDF (Construction Manpower Development Foundation of CIAP/DTI), will be conducting a series of Safety Orientation seminars for construction workers. The first Safety Orientation seminar will be held on 30 August 2014 and is reserved for the workers of PCA Metropolitan members. The rest of the more >>
Mon, Aug 11, 2014
During the second meeting convened by DOLE-NCR for the purpose of forming a NCR Construction Industry Tripartite Council (NCR-CITC) held on 13 June 2014 contractors unanimously moved for its formation. Labor groups represented at the meeting similarly supported the formation of a NCR-CITC. DOLE-NCR however felt that as labor groups more >>
Tue, Jun 17, 2014

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