What is a Construction Safety and Health Program (CSHP)?

Construction Safety and Health Program (CSHP) refers to a set of rules covering system, processes and practices utilized in a specific construction project site in conformity with the OSH Standards. It includes the required personnel who shall be responsible in the implementation of the program. It shall be executed and verified by the construction project manager. Likewise, prior to the start of the project, a CSHP must be submitted by the main contractor to the concerned DOLE Regional Office having jurisdiction on the work site for evaluation and approval. (Section 5 of DO 13 s. 1998 and AO No. 152 s. 2011)

Who does DO 13 Procedural Guideline apply to?

DO 13 shall apply to:
  1. All public and private operation and undertakings in the construction industry and its subdivision,  namely general building construction, general engineering construction and specialty trade construction, based on the classification code of the  Philippine  Construction  Accreditation Board  of  the  Construction Industry Authority of the Philippines (CIAP);
  2. Companies and entities involved in demolition works; and
  3. Those  falling  within  the  construction  industry  as  may  be  determined  by  the Secretary of Labor and Employment and as provided for under D.O. 13 and the Occupational Safety and Health Standards.

May construction be undertaken without CSHP?

May construction be undertaken without CSHP?

DO 13 mandates that no construction project shall be undertaken without a DOLE Approved Construction Safety and Health Program and the required minimum personnel complement to implement the same.

DPWH NBCDO Memorandum Circular 02 of 2011 directs all Acting Building Officials to make a DOLE Approved CSHP a condition to the issuance of Building Permits.

What is a company safety and health policy?

It is a written statement of commitment duly signed by the highest company official or his duly authorized representative who serves as a guiding principle in the implementation of the safety and health program and activities. A policy must clearly define management attitude and commitment in ensuring safety and health of the employees as well as the public and the company.

What are the attachments to the CSHP?

For Simplified CSHP:

For Two (2) Storey Below (Construction of Residential Building) or minor repair works with less than 10 workers.

  1. Copy of the certificate of Training of the designated Safety Officers (BOSH/CST), and a license certificate of an engineer in charge, if any.
  2. Copy of the certificate of Training and ID of First Aider or Nurse based on the Number of workers deployed (Refer to Rule 1960 of OSH handbook)
  3. Photocopy of valid PCAB License of contractor (for projects with contactor)
  4. Proof of Purchase/Existence/Availability of Emergency Medicines/Fist Aid Kit to be used in the   Construction site. – (attached original receipts)

For Comprehensive CSHP:

The following are required:

  1. Certificate of DOLE Company registration under Rule 1020 of the OSHS
  2. DTI – PCAB License
  3. Photocopy of Notice of Award/contract
  4. Photocopy of Certificates of completion on the required Training of all designated Occupational  Safety and Health Personnel depending on the number of workers
  5. Safety Officer – Basic Occupational Safety & Health Training for Construction Site Safety Officer/
  6. Construction Safety Training
    1. First Aider – Standard First Aid Training & Valid PNRC License
    2. OH Nurse – Basic Occupational Safety & Health Training for OH Nurse
    3. OH Physician/ OH Dentist – Basic Course for Occupational Medicine
    4. OH Dentist – Basic Course for Occupational Dentist
  7. Construction Heavy Equipment (CHE) certificates of testing and inspection (if heavy equipment will be used)
  8. Skills Certificate of CHE operators issued by TESDA (if any)
  9. Contract with nearby hospital/ clinic in lieu of the required infirmary hospital (if any)
  10. OSH Reportorial requirements
  11. Others